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Hey Everyone, still finding it quite suprizing to of recorded a 63mph wind gust with my home weather station yesterday! There is widespread damage in Treasure Island from yesterdays severe storm which produced up to nickel sized hail (0.88 inches), the 63mph gust I observed and exceptional lightning.

Well today could bring more of the same, as the same atmospheric conditions exist today as did yesterday. There is slightly drier air in upper portions of the atmosphere today however which may limit thunderstorm coverage. The storms that do end up developing do have a fair chance at becoming strong to severe. The sea breeze will stick close to the coast and not cross I-75 today, meaning thunderstorms will stick to coastal locations mainly again.

This forecast is revised from just 24 hours ago where an insignificant chance of storms was forecast, to 20% currently. Be especially aware of these storms if you are planning any outdoor activities today as these storms very easily transform from small cumulus cloud to downpour and 63mph gusts in 15 minutes. If boating out on the water, this does not give much time to react!

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