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I show gusty winds on radar, there is a potential for very high winds as these storms could produce a microburst. They are moving to the west and will eventually affect all of Pinellas County. The storm cell near St Pete Clearwater Airport may be producing quarter sized hail.

…Strong thunderstorms will affect western Hillsborough and southern
Pinellas counties…

National Weather Service Doppler radar indicates thunderstorms…
moving west at 10 mph…will affect macdill Air Force base…Saint
Petersburg…Pinellas Park and Highpoint…until 800 PM EDT.

Gusty winds up to 50 mph may cause loose objects to blow around. Some
damage to tree limbs and wires is possible. Frequent lightning is
expected. To be safe go indoors immediately! If caught outside…find
a low spot…and stay away from tall objects. This storm will produce
pea size hail. Torrential rains will reduce visibility to near zero
and will cause ponding of water on roadways.

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