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High pressure will park over Texas for the rest of the week, increasing high temperatures across the entire region. At this time it looks like we may exceed 100 degrees a few days this week and weekend. Humidity is still up at this time too, so heat index values will still easily reach 100 to 105 degrees.


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  1. I can find no answer who Texas has a persistent high pressure (as compared to any other place). Why doesn’t it just move along like any other weather?

    • I can provide an answer to that. It is a combination of factors actually, which all started with the La Nina pattern this year. This pushes the upper level jet stream further north across the northern U.S. and Canada. The every 3 to 5 day storm track that rides along the mid-latitudes and rides along the jet stream, then ignores Texas. Since we get clear or partly cloudy skies daily, allowing the sun to bake the land, ambient air temperatures naturally increase. This weather pattern of course dries out our soil considerably, and allows afternoon temps to rise even more. Daily land surface temperatures approach 130-140 F. These higher temps affect the air temperature at 850mb (about 5,000 ft above) as well, and causes a general sinking motion in the atmosphere. Sinking air creates high pressure, and promotes a stable atmosphere. A stable atmosphere remains cloud and rain free. Without the mid-latitude jet stream to wash away the warm stable air, this chain reaction continues to occur daily.

      This high pressure system can react to other storm systems that may pass the area, and the high will shift east and westward. On summer days where the high pressure sits to our west (like New Mexico or Arizona), we can get north or northwest winds aloft. These bring a slight chance of rain showers, as the northwest winds can bring a small remnant of instability out of the mid-latitude jet stream to our north. A high pressure to our east (like Mississippi or Tennessee) brings southern winds, and can funnel rich gulf moisture into our area. This can also bring rain chances to the area, but it requires some type of lifting agent to initiate thunderstorms (like a cold front or weak low pressure trough).

      I hope this isn’t too long and answers your question!

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