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My four day road trip out to the central Colorado Rocky Mountains to see Pikes Peak, Cripple Creek and other area attractions. Four days just isn’t enough for all the things to see out there either!

I got to visit the summit of Pikes Peak, a 14,110 foot tall mountain with a road to the top. Got to see the beautiful Seven Falls near Cheyenne Mountain. Toured the area around Cripple Creek and Victor for old abandoned and still active gold mines. Also got to finally visit the top of the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico.

07-14-11: Driving out to Colorado – Click here to view gallery.
07-15-11: Pikes Peak and Ute Pass – Click here to view gallery.
07-15-11: Seven Falls – Click here to view gallery.
07-16-11: Cripple Creek and Gold Mine Tours: Click here to view gallery.
07-17-11: Capulin Volcano and the drive home: Click here to view gallery.

All photos are geotagged with accuracy down to the minute they were taken. You may need to view the photos directly from my Picasa Web Albums to see the geotags correctly. View them directly in Picasa by clicking here.

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