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This will be a brief post. A stronger area of convection across Oklahoma has generated an outflow boundary across the northern parts of north Texas today. This outflow has the potential to reach the Metroplex and generate some thunderstorms. This feature isn’t picked up on global computer models very well, but the National Weather Service has very little confidence in this feature actually reaching the Metroplex unfortunately. This is already affecting our daytime highs, and it just might cause us to break our 100+ degree day streak one day short of the record.

Afterward, models have been fairly consistent in showing a cluster of t-storms developing tonight across the Texas panhandle and drifting eastward. This feature would likely affect counties west of the Metroplex with some rainfall, but the immediate DFW area still remain rain free. Most likely however, this feature would generate additional cloud cover and threaten our 100+ degree day streak.

Keep an eye to the skies the next several days Texans, we finally have a break in our stagnant weather pattern!

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