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Folks in north Texas can still look forward to a change in weather this weekend, as the cold front remains on track for this weekend. The front will likely slide through very late Friday evening close to midnight, or in the early morning hours of Saturday. Prior to the front’s arrival on Friday, expect record breaking high temperatures in DFW. The record high for September 7th is 102 F, with an expected high of 104 F.

Above, the NAM4′s forecast for 10pm CDT Friday September 7th. Cold front sliding through DFW while the upper level trough is far behind. This means storms aren’t likely to stack up along the leading edge of the front. Instead, elevated storms are possible after the front’s passage in the overnight and morning hours of Saturday.

The very high resolution ‘HRW’ model’s forecast for 10pm CDT Friday September 7. The storms are scattered behind the cold front’s position. This means severe weather is not likely to occur.

In short, if going out Friday evening, plan for rain the later you are going to be out, and maybe bring a sweater as temps may drop into the upper 60s quickly. Saturday morning to mid-day may have rain showers, otherwise the rest of Saturday should be clear and cool, with highs in the mid-80s and lows in near 60 in the city, mid to upper 50s elsewhere.

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