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Any posts e-mailed in to the blog are placed in this category. Generally weather warning e-mails sent to friends are sent to this blog as well.

Tornado Watch issued for DFW Metroplex

Tornado watch issued for the entire DFW metroplex at 12:05pm. A line of strong thunderstorms, with some severe, is approaching from the west. Conditions are favorable for a couple of tornadoes today, so keep an ear to your weather radios and keep watching the skies *chuckle*. URGENT – IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED TORNADO WATCH NUMBER 704 [read more...]

Severe storm risk Friday and Saturday

Texans, looks like die-hard Rangers fans will be watching the ALCS in the rain down in Arlington this weekend as several rounds of thunderstorms appear likely over the next 7 days. First off, overnight tonight and into Friday morning some thunderstorms may push eastward from the panhandle and soak the metroplex. Best guess on timing [read more...]

Thunder & cooler temps on the way

I say its about time! Computer models have identified a cold front set to move through the region late in the day Friday, bringing scattered showers and thunderstorms. Conditions associated with the front will be favorable for some organized severe activity, but the specific severe risks have not been outlined by the weather service yet. [read more...]

West Dallas tornado rated eF-2, six other tornadoes around north Texas

Tornado damage consistent with an eF-2 tornado was found in West Dallas during a storm survey conducted by the National Weather Service today. The tornado’s path was one half mile in length, causing significant damage to numerous structures in that area. A preliminary track map shows it crossing the Trinity River and its levees, which should debunk [read more...]

Tropical Storm Hermine & it's effects

Tropical Storm Hermine, a remarkably impactful storm for the DFW Metroplex which sits 550 miles north of the storm’s initial landfall. The storm has brought severe flooding to a 300 mile stretch of central and north Texas, along the I-35 corridor. The worst flood effects are being felt in San Antonio through Austin. Flash flooding [read more...]

Flash Flooding around the entire DFW Metroplex

Hey group… its been awhile but the weather conditions today merit an email… By now we are all aware of the heavy rainfall affecting the region, but may not be immediately aware of the flash flooding occurring around the region. Right now, several flash flood reports have come in from the area, including Plano, Dallas, [read more...]

An interesting statement from our local weather forecast office… funnel clouds are possible this afternoon due to favorable atmospheric conditions. Tornadoes are not likely however. …Brief funnel clouds will be possible this afternoon… A cluster of strong thunderstorms across the area are in an environment favorable for the formation of brief funnel clouds. These funnel [read more...]

Heavy rains and flooding possible Wednesday and Thursday

A low pressure system feeding a very rich band of tropical moisture from near the equator will pass over north Texas the next two or three days. This system will very likely bring heavy rainfall, and some flash flooding may be possible. The low pressure interestingly enough evolved from a small cluster of thunderstorms which [read more...]

Severe weather outbreak for DFW Wednesday!

You wont see me use the word 'outbreak' very often, especially when it is in reference to a forecast. Tomorrow's severe weather potential however has good likelihood to become a severe weather outbreak, with the SPC already issuing a 'Moderate' risk for the northern half of DFW, through central Oklahoma. Very large hail is forecast, [read more...]

Hey folks, sorry I have not been to forthcoming on weather information as of late… I am in the midst of moving, which takes up every ounce of free time I have. A round of strong to borderline severe storms are moving through the metroplex right now, with one of these strong storms headed through [read more...]

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