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Any news not weather related but still relevant to me and this website are placed in this category.

Misguided mainstream media and it's under appreciation for our National Weather Service

Here is an opinion article, one you won’t see me post too often. Mainstream media affiliate Fox News published an article calling for the abolition of our country’s National Weather Service. Source link found here. The article makes a claim that our National Weather Service has outlived it’s usefulness. It cites such facts as failure [read more...]

Gallery: Colorado Rockies in Summer

My four day road trip out to the central Colorado Rocky Mountains to see Pikes Peak, Cripple Creek and other area attractions. Four days just isn’t enough for all the things to see out there either! I got to visit the summit of Pikes Peak, a 14,110 foot tall mountain with a road to the [read more...]

Apr 202010

Hey folks, I have been fighting sleep work and more work since arriving back from Puerto Rico and have had trouble updating my own website! Heres a quick update for now: I am in the process of migrating photo galleries into Picasa Web Albums, including the newest Puerto Rico photos I took. You can view [read more...]

This isn’t weather related, this is more photo and video evidence of exploits that were had this past Friday night… [nggallery id=26]

Looks like the chase days for the rest of my vacation are numbered. Low pressure system camping out in the Gulf is moving ashore Saturday, killing any chances of wide spread organized severe weather through Tuesday. To top it off, it will be rain showers and general thunderstorms all Memorial Day weekend, so sight seeing [read more...]

Well, after an exhausting 34 hours of driving in 54 hours time, I am back home. I used Thursday to travel back from Kearney Nebraska to Frisco Texas. Looking at the upcoming weather forecasts, looks like I am not missing much. I read a cool blog entry where the VORTEX2 team actually intercepted a supercell [read more...]

Storm Chase Day 5 - Nebraska Panhandle Chase

This will be short as I have a massive headache right now. Finally, got to go chase storms after all these years of me talking about it, it finally happened! However it was not a great day for chasing. I got to Alliance, Nebraska around 2:30pm then sat and waited for storms to kick off. [read more...]

Storm Chase Day 4 - Travel to Nebraska

At kind of the last minute, I decided to drive 11 hours up to Kearney Nebraska. This puts me in a 4 hour drive away from a target area of either west or north Nebraska where there is a potential for elevated supercells to develop. I arrived up here at around 10:15pm which was 45 [read more...]

May 192009
Storm Chase Day 3 - Boredom

Day 3 out of 11, I didn’t leave this area at all. Once again, nothing happened. The most interesting stuff was heavy rain in Florida, and some random high wind and hail reports in the western states. Today was supposed to be yet another home chore day but it became home bored/nap every few hours [read more...]

Storm Chase Day 2 - Sight seeing in southwest Oklahoma

Sunday brought some absolutely beautiful weather to the area, which made for the perfect sight seeing day. Even though there was no severe weather anywhere in the region, I still had a great time. I took a trip with a buddy to the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Preserve in southwest Oklahoma. We drove around, saw [read more...]

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