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Photo Gallery

A collection of photo galleries that I have taken are logged here.

April 14, 2012 'High Risk' Oklahoma & Kansas Storm Chase

Saturday April 14, the main event that the three of us were waiting for had finally arrived. A high risk day across the central plains, one that had already made the record books before it even began! The team was excited and we all thought and said to each other ‘if we don’t see a tornado today, we are doing something wrong!’.

Gallery: Fall colors at Joe Pool Lake

Two sets of galleries taken this autumn season at Joe Pool Lake in southwest Dallas County. Sunsets illuminating already vibrant fall colors along the hilly tree filled backdrop of Cedar Hill makes for a truly beautiful sight here in the D/FW Metroplex.

Gallery: Overnight thunderstorms in D/FW

Severe thunderstorms impacted the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex early 10/23/11, bringing high winds and hail. Spotty reports of high winds came in, with separate reports of 70+ mph in both Plano and Rowlett. With the passage of a strong thunderstorm outflow here in Irving, temperatures dropped from 78 F to 64 F in a matter of just 5 minutes.

Departure of overnight T-Storms

Here is a quick cellphone camera grab of the departing overnight thunderstorms. You can see the large scale subsidence behind this trough evident in the cloud pattern. A sharp ending to cloud cover between the trough and the ridge behind it.

Gallery: Incredible lightning over the D/FW Metroplex

Scattered thunderstorms which developed along a southward moving cold front produced some of the most photogenic lightning I have ever captured! These storms brought some beneficial rain to the region, but I think the main headline from this event is the intense and quite impressive night time lightning show.

Galleries: Playing tourist around D/FW

I got to play tourist around D/FW for a long 3 day weekend. Here are the grand collection of geotagged photos around the metroplex.

Gallery: Plano Balloon Festival 2011

The yearly Plano Balloon Festival, this year sadly was a bit of a disappointment. This year, no balloons launched at 6pm, despite no hazardous weather existing for 60 miles in all directions. At least the fireworks show was decent.

Gallery: Stockyards Championship Rodeo

Rodeo at the Cowtown Coliseum, in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Bull Riding, Barrel Racing and more!

Sep 162011
Gallery: Fort Worth Stockyards

The Fort Worth Stockyards, registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Cattle drives, rodeos and more western gear than ever imaginable are here.

Gallery: Joe Pool Lake & Cedar Hill State Park

Signs of the worst 1 year drought in Texas state history are apparent here at Joe Pool Lake. The lake surface has fallen several feet, and in some areas retreated down the shore by a good 40 or 50 feet from normal.

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