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2010 Storm Chase

All storm chases performed in 2010.

I finally got around to putting this together, a compilation of storm chase footage taken from May 19, 2010. Laugh at the questionable driving abilities of other chasers, enjoy the spookiness of loud tornado sirens, and most of all enjoy the video. 00:25 Large tornadic circulation begins 01:49 4x Speed of tornado evolution 02:22 Tornado begins to lift [read more...]

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May 252010
Texas Panhandle Storm Chase

On May 25, 2010 I performed a brief storm chase in the Texas panhandle. I was able to chase two separate supercell thunderstorms before the day ended, with one possible tornado.

Tornadoes over central Oklahoma!

Storm chase on May 19, 2010, a high risk day in central Oklahoma. At least one tornado, and several funnel clouds were observed from a long lived supercell thunderstorm.

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