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Tampa Bay Weather

Any weather related news about west central Florida and the Tampa Bay Area is categorized with this.

Florida: Gulf of Mexico low still very disorganized, unlikely to develop

Minimal risk of tropical development now expected from this break-away piece of energy from Isaac. The low pressure center is around 850 millibars or 5,000 ft of altitude, rather than surface based as is needed for tropical systems. Also the low pressure center is located well apart from the area of cloud cover which is [read more...]

Gulf of Mexico low pressure may develop into new tropical system

A break-away peice of energy left over from Isaac may be the source of a new tropical system. Currently located in the extreme northern Gulf of Mexico near Pensacola, Florida, this low pressure center may drift southwestward for the next 24 hours. The NHC currently has this storm assigned a 40% risk of developing into [read more...]

June 24, 2012 Tornado in Pass-A-Grille Beach, FL

I’ll preface this blog post by saying this storm affected my mother personally. Her apartment which resides in Pass-A-Grille Beach took a direct hit and suffered some rather catastrophic damage. I visited her recently, and was even staying with her in this apartment during the April 3rd, 2012 tornado outbreak which affected the entire DFW [read more...]

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The National Weather Service has officially adjusted the severe weather criteria for reporting hail… Previously, hail of 0.75 inches or larger was considered severe and would prompt a severe thunderstorm warning. Now to assist with reducing the amount of severe thunderstorm warnings and more accurately advise of severe weather, severe hail size is now increased [read more...]

Severe weather possible Wednesday evening in Tampa Bay

Looks like severe weather potential is likely on Wednesday evening in the Tampa Bay area. Both the Storm Prediction Center and the local weather forecast office in Ruskin are anticipating this event to be notable enough to warn the public about. The SPC has the entire area under a ‘slight’ risk of severe storms, or [read more...]

Nov 072009
Tropical Storm Ida updates

For interests in the gulf coast states… Ida currently as a Tropical Storm, is forecast to intensify within the next 12 hours to Hurricane strength. As the storm progresses northward into the Gulf of Mexico, it will encounter areas with increased wind shear and cooler waters and will weaken again. The question mark in this [read more...]

Late season Hurricane - Ida forms in Caribbean

Hurricane Ida formed near Nicaragua moving north very slowly today. The storm will continue north at a very slow pace, eventually making it to the Gulf of Mexico by this upcoming Tuesday. Forecasts beyond that point are very difficult to determine and we will just have to wait and see. As we all know, once [read more...]

October 25, 1921 marks an anniversary of the last major hurricane to directly impact Pinellas County, FL. This storm inundated the barrier islands with storm surge creating several passes including Johns Pass between Treasure Island and Madeira beach. Below is an excerpt from Bay News 9  regarding this storm: Link directly to Article By Bay [read more...]

Several reports of waterspouts have been submitted to the National Weather Service in Ruskin today, including one in Old Tampa Bay. The waterspout in Old Tampa Bay is the storm that prompted the tornado warning earlier, no damage has been reported at this time. I have included some pictures of today’s waterspouts, courtesy of Bay [read more...]

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