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Aug 152008

Sorry everyone for the very poor reliability of this website lately. This time it is through no fault of my own, but that of my ISP. Very unlike Road Runner to have poor uptime but that is the issue I face right now. I have already had one person come out here to fix the issue and currently I am waiting on a second. I hope to have this fixed before the Tropical Storm gets here so that way I can keep in the loop on the internet as to whats going on.

Hey everyone, finally some excitement around here… Tropical Storm Fay formed with the 5pm bulletin by the NHC. This was a tropical wave that has been truckin along for over a week as it came off Africa and just now became a Tropical Storm. The forecast track of this storm is a very large question mark right now. It keeps moving west and has been forecast to make a sharp north turn but the timing of this turn is what is in question. Models had this forecast to turn north along the east coast of Florida but now they point to it riding just off the west coast. With the 11pm advisory from the NHC, the forecast track takes it 15 miles offshore of Pinellas County as a tropical storm with 70mph winds.

The computer models have a very wide range for forecast tracks… The AVNO model takes it directly up the I-75 corridor through Tampa into Port Richey, this model is the furthest east at this time.

The BAMS model takes it the furthest west which is 194 miles offshore. Take the current NHC forecast with a grain of salt right now as this storm track is VERY uncertain.

We are looking at a Monday 8pm-11pm time frame for the storm to be at its closest to Tampa. With its location just offshore as a strong tropical storm we can expect 1-3 foot storm surge and beach erosion, this will only affect very low lying areas of beach communities and possibly north and east parts of Tampa Bay.

I will keep everyone advised of how this storm progresses… attached is a pic taken with my radar viewer app GR2Analyst with the official forecast track and other computer models. This pic taken at 11:41pm 8/15/08

Jul 312008

What a week, not in the good way where you have accomplished something you have been working on awhile, its rough as in lots of crap going haywire and creating lots of stress. First off, sorry about all the server issues I have been having, my server decided it would start giving me grief over [read more...]

Jul 262008

Yeah it‘s been awhile since I‘ve posted anything to my blog. Some reason nothing has seemed too terribly interesting lately and not blog-worthy. Anyways, I was reading through my old websites and trying to see if I could find version 1 and 2 of my website via the Wayback Machine with no luck. I ran [read more...]

Another batch of severe storms rolled through the area on Wednesday the 25th, bringing lots of hail and gusty winds to Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater as well as several other area towns. Nothing severe was observed here in Treasure Island, wind gusts peaked at 34mph and rainfall hit 0.52 inches on the Davis Weather [read more...]

Jun 222008

A line of strong storms are inbound for the nature coast at this time, locations from Tarpon Springs through Crystal River will get hit with a line of storms by 3pm today. Locations south of Tarpon springs will get later on with Clearwater likely around 3:30p, Treasure Island by 4:15p assuming these storms hold their [read more...]

Looks like my gauge in Treasure Island reported the most amount of rain in the entire area with a grand total of 3.23 inches of rain in the CoCoRaHS gauge, 2.88 using the automated gauge. The next highest was 2.96 inches measured near Dunedin in north Pinellas County. This puts the month and year totals [read more...]

I just took a look at the GOES satellite soundings for Tampa observed at 0100 zulu (9:00pm) and here is what I see: * Plenty of moisture at all levels of the atmosphere, dew points within a few degrees of the temp from surface all the way up past 250mb. o This helps determine how [read more...]

For anyone planning any outdoor activites this weekend, you may want to reconsider as Sunday will be an all day rain event as well. Below is a copy/paste from the National Weather Service‘s forecast discussion: “ACTIVITY WILL WANE INITIALLY OVERNIGHT…BEFORE PICKING UP AGAIN AS ANOTHER DISTURBANCE MOVES OFF THE GULF AND ACROSS THE PENINSULA EARLY [read more...]

UPDATE – Tampa Intl Airport set a rainfall record, see below. This is certainly a very rainy day around the entire Tampa Bay Area! Attached is a radar estimated rainfall total image of the area, purple indicates 3 inches of rain, yellow indicates 5 inches. Any of the blue to green colors indicate 1 to [read more...]

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