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A unique opportunity to watch a hurricane with one of the very first radars in the country to have the Dual-Pol upgrade installed! The KMHX Morehead City, NC radar was very recently installed with this upgrade, and couldn’t have come at a better time either. Dual-Pol has several practical uses in meteorology, like determining rain, from hail, from debris, from insects and other wildlife. It can also provide much better precipitation estimates and even assist with winter weather forecasts. I am very interested to see what unique phenomenon can be observed with the dual-pol upgrade in Hurricane Irene.

Top left is base (0.5 degree) reflectivity, top right is base velocity, bottom left is ZDR (part of the dual-pol upgrade), bottom right is echo tops. Image captured at 07:04 Z, or 3:04 am EDT 8/27/11.

Our early morning rainfall was very much welcomed by all of north Texas, but not anywhere near enough to break or even dent our long standing drought. DFW Airport only received 0.86 inches of rain unfortunately. Below are totals from the rest of north Texas:

Location                              rainfall /inches/
mnmt2    Morgan Mill                          4.71
sept2    Stephenville 1n                      3.94
dsbt2    deleon                               3.72

Gdot2    Gordon 1sw                           2.86
gpbt2    Grand Prairie alert                  2.76
mwlt2    Mineral Wells 1ssw                   2.73
lipt2    Lipan                                2.73

Swnt2    Strawn 8nne                          2.70
gprt2    Grand Prairie                        2.55
gtbt2    Grand Prairie alert                  2.52
bzot2    Brazos                               2.44

Lmgt2    Lake Graham                          2.39
bkd      Breckenridge AWOS                    2.33
rmdt2    Lake Worth 13wsw (remuda)            2.30
fcmt2    Fort Worth alert 800                 2.25

Sout2    South Bend                           2.20
coat2    Comanche RAWS                        2.19
dllt2    deleon                               2.13
llet2    Lake Leon                            2.12

Ddot2    Dallas alert 745                     2.08
pctt2    Proctor Lake                         2.04
mwl      Mineral Wells ASOS                   2.00
ddpt2    Dallas alert 795                     1.97

Dnnt2    Dennis                               1.94
weat2    Weatherford                          1.82
dbnt2    Dublin                               1.82
pctt2    Proctor Lake                         1.81

Dait2    Dallas alert 703                     1.81
roat2    Roanoke                              1.80
fwnt2    Fort Worth nature center             1.80
eamt2    Eagle Mountain Lake                  1.79

Ghmt2    Graham                               1.70
dagt2    Dallas alert 650                     1.65
gryt2    Granbury RAWS                        1.60
zzgt2    Keller                               1.59

Lwjt2    Fort Worth alert 103                 1.57
dto      Denton ASOS                          1.56
hclt2    Hubbard Creek reservior              1.49
eflt2    Lewisville                           1.41

Ddnt2    Dallas alert 735                     1.38
afw      ftw Alliance ASOS                    1.36
psmt2    Possum Kingdom Lake                  1.35
tmst2    Fort Worth alert 101                 1.34

Plot2    Palo Pinto                           1.29
nfw      ftw joint Reserve base               1.29
gwht2    Grand Prairie alert                  1.26
gsct2    Grand Prairie alert                  1.26

Dbvt2    Dallas alert 683                     1.26
pklt2    possum kingdom RAWS                  1.24
daxt2    Dallas alert 772                     1.15
pklt2    possum kingdom RAWS                  1.12

Lewt2    Lake Lewisville                      1.10
gbyt2    Lake Granbury                        1.10
prpt2    Prosper                              1.07
gsot2    Grand Prairie alert                  1.07

Gryt2    Granbury RAWS                        1.00
rph      Graham Municipal ap                  0.98
dcct2    Dallas alert 109                     0.98
dakt2    Dallas alert 671                     0.98

Wtht2    Weatherford                          0.97
hict2    Hico                                 0.97
glrt2    Glen Rose                            0.94
cart2    Carrollton                           0.94

Dal      Dallas Love ASOS                     0.93
hmlt2    Hamilton                             0.91
scst2    Commerce                             0.88
sget2    Sanger                               0.87

Dfw      Dallas/Fort Worth ap                 0.86
dcnt2    Dallas alert 647                     0.86
grot2    Glen Rose                            0.84
sget2    Sanger                               0.83

Jsbt2    Jacksboro                            0.83
gpvt2    lake Grapevine                       0.83
boyt2    Boyd                                 0.83
bnct2    Cresson                              0.83

Gpvt2    lake Grapevine                       0.82
cmtt2    Chalk Mountain                       0.80
gvlt2    Greenville kgvl                      0.79
grnt2    Granbury                             0.79

Ftw      ftw Meacham ASOS                     0.79
dbpt2    Dallas alert 753                     0.79
csnt2    Cresson                              0.79
bnct2    Cresson                              0.79

Msct2    Commerce                             0.76
ffst2    Fort Worth alert 102                 0.75
dbot2    Dallas alert 551                     0.75
daft2    Dallas alert 529                     0.75

Dbdt2    Dallas alert 523                     0.74
gpnt2    Grapevine dam wx sta                 0.73
dalt2    Dallas                               0.73
roxt2    Roxton                               0.72

Dbrt2    Dallas alert 685                     0.70
fwot2    Fort Worth                           0.68
zzat2    Keller                               0.67
dbbt2    Dallas alert 677                     0.67

Gunt2    Gunter                               0.65
bmct2    marys creek                          0.64
flwt2    Lake Worth                           0.63
adst2    Addison Airport                      0.63

Bnbt2    lake Benbrook                        0.61
fwdt2    NWS Fort Worth                       0.59
dddt2    Dallas alert 635                     0.59
dcjt2    Justin                               0.57

Ads      Addison ASOS                         0.53
hngt2    Honey Grove                          0.51
ftct2    Fort Worth alert 130                 0.51
frmt2    Fort Worth alert 150                 0.51

Wtft2    Weatherford                          0.50
brit2    Bridgeport                           0.50
dcjt2    Justin                               0.49
covt2    Collinsville                         0.48

Shet2    Sherman                              0.47
pict2    Pidcoke                              0.47
ftet2    Fort Worth alert 300                 0.47
fmat2    Fort Worth alert 600                 0.47

Dtnt2    Denton 2se                           0.44
ftbt2    Fort Worth alert 200                 0.43
dbwt2    Dallas alert 19                      0.43
zzet2    Fort Worth                           0.42

Alrt2    Alvarado 2nnw                        0.42
sgtt2    Springtown 4s                        0.41
waxt2    Waxahachie                           0.40
rbd      Dallas Red Bird ASOS                 0.40

Fbgt2    Fort Worth botanic g                 0.40
ddgt2    Dallas alert 107                     0.40
dbkt2    Dallas alert 689                     0.40
cddt2    Caddo wildlife mngt                  0.40

Wftt2    Fort Worth                           0.39
ehst2    Evant High School                    0.39
lmot2    Lometa                               0.38
fwht2    Fort Worth                           0.37

Copt2    Cooper                               0.37
fhrt2    Fort Worth alert 140                 0.36
cfbt2    Benbrook                             0.36
sclt2    jim Chapman Lake                     0.35

Nrht2    North Richland Hills                 0.35
fvct2    Fort Worth alert 900                 0.35
fpht2    Fort Worth alert 170                 0.35
fevt2    Fort Worth alert 190                 0.35

Dcrt2    Dallas alert 613                     0.35
datt2    Dallas alert 773                     0.35
mkn      Comanche AWOS                        0.34
gpet2    Mountain Creek Lake                  0.34

Ermt2    Everman                              0.34
gdj      Granbury Municipal a                 0.33
fdbt2    Fort Worth alert 120                 0.32
cmpt2    Colleyville                          0.32

Sclt2    jim Chapman Lake (co                 0.31
gky      Arlington ASOS                       0.31
fplt2    Fort Worth alert 100                 0.31
fbut2    Fort Worth alert 400                 0.31

Dajt2    Dallas alert 185                     0.31
daht2    Dallas alert 775                     0.31
bprt2    Lake Bridgeport                      0.31
vvwt2    Valley View 4s                       0.30

Vnst2    Venus                                0.30
tki      McKinney ASOS                        0.30
dect2    Decatur                              0.30
bcht2    Fort Worth                           0.29

Wlpt2    Wills Point                          0.28
jakt2    Jacksboro                            0.28
ddjt2    Dallas alert 165                     0.28
mckt2    McKinney                             0.27

Gpm      Grand Prairie munici                 0.27
cpt      Cleburne municpal ap                 0.26
rrlt2    lake ray Roberts                     0.25
Overnight storms possible for most of north Texas!

A line of strong thunderstorms is pushing south through central Oklahoma, and is expected to affect north Texas by 2am. These storms will move through the Metroplex between 3-5am, and be in a somewhat weakened state. I wouldn’t expect much severe weather, but stronger straight line winds are possible from these. If you have outdoor furniture to [read more...]

Relief for DFW? Slight rain chances Thurs and Fri

This will be a brief post. A stronger area of convection across Oklahoma has generated an outflow boundary across the northern parts of north Texas today. This outflow has the potential to reach the Metroplex and generate some thunderstorms. This feature isn’t picked up on global computer models very well, but the National Weather Service [read more...]

Sizzling heatwave expected to break records by Friday

Record drought and record heat are the norms this season in north Texas. As of 08/08/11, DFW Airport observed 38 consecutive days with daytime high temps of 100 degrees or more! This is the 2nd greatest number of consecutive 100+ degree days, and within 4 days of the record set in 1980. Summary of this [read more...]

Record breaking heat wave expected the next 7 days

Across north Texas a large high pressure ridge will intensify this week, bringing record breaking heat and further intensifying our drought. Forecast high temperatures are expected to tie or exceed established record high temperatures almost daily for the next 7 days. Currently the entire region is under an Excessive Heat Warning. Expect daily high temperatures ranging [read more...]

Tropical Storm Don and north Texas weather

No doubt everyone know’s of Tropical Storm Don’s existence in the southern Gulf of Mexico. The storm track currently takes it well south of north Texas. The storm’s size is expected to remain small, and its strength at landfall is expected around 55mph sustained wind speed. This is a good setup for the southern and central parts [read more...]

Assuming the ambient air temperature does not fall below 86 degrees by 1am tonight, then we will have set the ALL TIME highest minimum temperature at Dallas/Fort Worth airport today. The incredible heat wave is expected to continue for at least the next week, with even hotter temperatures possible next Tuesday! Afternoon high temps are [read more...]

Oppressive heat wave continues for north Texas

Near record temperatures daily for most of north Texas have been the norm this month. So far every day this month except for July 1st, has had afternoon high temperatures meeting or exceeding 100 degrees F. As of July 24th, we have had 23 consecutive 100 degree days, with 30 days total this year. This [read more...]

Gallery: Colorado Rockies in Summer

My four day road trip out to the central Colorado Rocky Mountains to see Pikes Peak, Cripple Creek and other area attractions. Four days just isn’t enough for all the things to see out there either! I got to visit the summit of Pikes Peak, a 14,110 foot tall mountain with a road to the [read more...]

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