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Bow Echo

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth put together a storm summary for the very active weather pattern from June 10 through June 14, including the Tornadoes in Denton County that prompted the warning for Frisco. I didn’t realize there was actually tornado damage reported in The Colony too, the only areas I heard of [read more...]

Saturday weather outlook - Storms possible in the evening

Hey everyone, looks like most of the day Saturday will be clear to partly cloudy skies and hot. At this time a Moderate severe storm risk has been issued for areas including the Texas panhandle and western Oklahoma. Current forecasts call for severe thunderstorms to develop from the Texas panhandle down to near Wichita Falls [read more...]

Wednesday Severe Weather Summary - Tornado near Frisco!

Wow, amazing day! Tornado warned storm plowed through the area just 4 miles south of Frisco after 7pm bringing widespread high wind reports and some tornado damage to areas just west of Frisco. I took the liberty to take screen shots of the storm as it moved through the area, and draw a storm track [read more...]

Hey folks, this will be relatively short as I have been very busy at work today. We have a very severe storm approaching from the west, which appears to be a bow echo type of storm (bow echo is large scale storm usually derived from a cluster of supercells, these produce very strong winds). Currently [read more...]

Well, after an exhausting 34 hours of driving in 54 hours time, I am back home. I used Thursday to travel back from Kearney Nebraska to Frisco Texas. Looking at the upcoming weather forecasts, looks like I am not missing much. I read a cool blog entry where the VORTEX2 team actually intercepted a supercell [read more...]

Here is a blog entry made by the CIMSS Satellite Blog folks on today’s extremely powerful derecho event in the mid-west. At one point, the storm looked like a hurricane from both the radar and satellite views with an incredible comma shape precip echo on radar that nearly wrapped around the entire storm and traverse [read more...]

Bow echo transformation into something strange!

Today I captured this absolutely amazing looking bow echo storm that transformed into a, well quite frankly I have no idea what you would consider this. This looks more like a major rain wrap around a low pressure system, or even to a degree like a hurricane. Take a look at this crazy storm. This [read more...]

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