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Here is a blog entry made by the CIMSS Satellite Blog folks on today’s extremely powerful derecho event in the mid-west. At one point, the storm looked like a hurricane from both the radar and satellite views with an incredible comma shape precip echo on radar that nearly wrapped around the entire storm and traverse [read more...]

Bow echo transformation into something strange!

Today I captured this absolutely amazing looking bow echo storm that transformed into a, well quite frankly I have no idea what you would consider this. This looks more like a major rain wrap around a low pressure system, or even to a degree like a hurricane. Take a look at this crazy storm. This [read more...]

The worst of this storm just clipped us and went into McKinney, which is good because this storm was a pretty potent storm. This storm complex is at least three separate bow echo storms joined together to form a line. The one that just passed over McKinney was showing signs of strong rotation and had [read more...]

OK so the weather radio just put a stop to my sleep tonight. Glad I woke up though, this one is a big one. Line of severe storms is producing very strong to severe winds, moving SSE at 35 knots. The storms are 15 miles north so this puts an ETA of around 25 minutes, [read more...]

Severe weather likely Friday - possibly a derecho event?

Friday's severe weather outlook looks to place the bulk of the severe action right in our neighborhood with the best risk of severe weather anywhere from the DFW Metroplex through to the western North Texas region. Currently the SPC has us under a 'Slight' risk, but they have noted in their forecast discussion this may [read more...]

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