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Half an inch shy of snowiest winter for DFW!

One of the snowiest winters in D/FW history has finally ended, with official totals reaching 17.1 inches. Some areas even received 25 inches of snowfall this year! A table of the top 10 snowiest winters, provided by the National Weather Service. This season ranked number 2, just half an inch behind breaking the record. D/FW [read more...]

Daily snowfall record shattered for DFW!

February 11, 2010 broke the all-time snowfall record for any calendar day and any 24-hour period with 11.2 inches of snow, as of midnight. This surpasses the previous daily record of 1.4 inches on Feb 11, 1988. This also exceeds our 24-hour record of 7.5 inches on Feb 17, 1978 and Feb 25, 1924. Lastly [read more...]

The latest from the National Weather Service, snowfall today now shatters the previous record at DFW Airport. A whopping 7.9 inches 11.2 inches of snow has fallen today 2/11/10, surpassing the previous single calendar day record of 7.8 inches set on 1/15/1964 and 1/14/1917.  The real kicker, snowfall is set to continue for a few [read more...]

Some images from my Flickr of this record breaking snowfall for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. [nggallery id=84]

Record Breaking Snowfall Update

Brief snowfall update, time is limited so I will provide a narration, courtesy of the National Weather Service…6.2 inches of snow so far at DFW airport, and counting. Today is snowiest 24-hour period on record since February 17, 1978. Snowfall totals for today now increased up to 9 inches, with isolated areas of 10 inches!

Dec 282009
Snow in the forecast Tuesday

Hey folks… we may see another bout of snowfall to most of north Texas on Tuesday during the day. Current forecasts place us right around within a few degrees of freezing at the start of the event, and just below through the evening and night. This means for around an hour or so Tuesday, the [read more...]

Christmas Day - snowstorm aftermath

Fairly heavy snowfall across parts of north Texas, with at least half of north Texas receiving some type of snowfall. Heaviest accumulations in the region occurred in northwest Texas near Bowie and Jacksboro with 9 inches of snowfall! Area roads have been completely shut down for most of the night. Road conditions will remain trecherous [read more...]

DFW Airport reported 3.0 inches of snowfall As of 6:29pm 12/24/09, DFW Airport recorded 2.3 inches of snowfall, far exceeding the previous record for this date of a trace. Snowfall is starting to end across the metroplex and should be over by 9 to 10pm in all areas. Temperatures are forecast to drop to the [read more...]

Dec 092009
This happens far too often...

This happens more than it should… sprinklers left on while its well below freezing outside, causing a very quick ice-over on a busy road. On a somewhat related note, temperatures tonight will continue to fall well below freezing, to a low around 18 degrees for Frisco. Lower temps can be expected north of the metroplex, [read more...]

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