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Severe Thunderstorm Warning

The National Weather Service indicated a minimal chance of thunderstorm activity around the Red River tonight for the past week, but all the latest model runs showed that to be hardly worth mentioning. Now as of 12:40am CDT, an Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for Denton County, just north of the Metroplex. Gotta love that [read more...]

Severe weather threat coming to an end for the DFW Metroplex

The last round of severe weather has moved through much of the DFW Metroplex finally, with numerous tornado, wind, and hail reports from the entire region. I will provide more details as they come in. Radar snap from 10:47 pm CDT

Round three of severe weather approaching the DFW Metroplex!

Our next and possibly last round of severe thunderstorms is approaching the Metroplex now! These storms are linear in nature and forming directly along the dryline. The tornado risk is still moderate, so please keep a close eye to the skies! Radar snap from 9:42pm CDT

Developing line of severe storms west of the DFW Metroplex

A line of developing severe thunderstorms is moving ENE towards the DFW Metroplex. These storms will reside in an area primed for tornadic potential, so I urge everyone to keep a keen eye to the weather this evening. Radar snap from 6:44 pm CDT.

Radar snap west of DFW Metroplex at 5:02pm CDT

DFW, this is the storm to watch today. It is in a favorable environment, isolated from other supercells. If this storm becomes tornadic, it will very likely affect the Metroplex directly. The storm motion is about ENE at 50kts. ETA to northern parts of the metroplex is 6pm to 6:30pm cdt.

The National Weather Service has officially adjusted the severe weather criteria for reporting hail… Previously, hail of 0.75 inches or larger was considered severe and would prompt a severe thunderstorm warning. Now to assist with reducing the amount of severe thunderstorm warnings and more accurately advise of severe weather, severe hail size is now increased [read more...]

A Tornado Watch has been issued for Collin, Dallas, Tarrant counties as well as several others across central, east, and north Texas as well as eastern Oklahoma. The SPC has bumped this watch area up to a 10% tornado risk which is certainly worth paying attention to. While most of the metroplex is under a [read more...]

Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for Denton County. Currently the storm is over far western Denton County, but moving east at about 35 knots. If the storm holds its severity, it will reach Frisco within 45-55 minutes, or around 1:45pm. Currently the storm looks marginally severe due to hail, along with strong winds but they dont [read more...]

Took these using my G1… not the best camera, but with beautiful shots like these its hard not to see the beauty. The first three are about 40 minutes before the store arrived, the last one is 30 minutes after the storm passed by.

This likely affects very few of us, but probably set off the weather radios for those who have them. While composing this email, a second Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for Denton County, covering the southern half including The Colony and the Denton county portion of Frisco. These storms are warned mainly due to severe [read more...]

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