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Storm Damage

The latest damage surveys conducted by the National Weather Service confirm 8 tornadoes from around north Texas on May 24. This includes one tornado in Denton County which affected Argyle, Denton, and Corinth. Read below for details. …Damage survey update for the may 24th storms… National Weather Service crews spent the day conducting additional damage [read more...]

Rotation tracks and tornado damage from the 5/24/11 storms

I created a map of approximate mesocyclone tracks based off high res radar data in Fort Worth. I will continue adding tornado damage reports in as the National Weather Service conducts it’s damage surveys. Click here to view the complete map. So far there have been two tornadoes known to occur within the Metroplex. One in Irving, [read more...]

Preliminary storm reports from around the Metroplex

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West Dallas tornado rated eF-2, six other tornadoes around north Texas

Tornado damage consistent with an eF-2 tornado was found in West Dallas during a storm survey conducted by the National Weather Service today. The tornado’s path was one half mile in length, causing significant damage to numerous structures in that area. A preliminary track map shows it crossing the Trinity River and its levees, which should debunk [read more...]

Tropical Storm Hermine & it's effects

Tropical Storm Hermine, a remarkably impactful storm for the DFW Metroplex which sits 550 miles north of the storm’s initial landfall. The storm has brought severe flooding to a 300 mile stretch of central and north Texas, along the I-35 corridor. The worst flood effects are being felt in San Antonio through Austin. Flash flooding [read more...]

Flash Flooding around North Texas!

A band of moderate to heavy rainfall is sitting stationary just south and east of the DFW Metroplex, prompting Flash Flood Warnings and even a high water rescue in the city of Terrell.  Rain totals in these areas since 6 pm Monday are around 2.25 inches estimated, showing that the soil is so heavily saturated [read more...]

Cold front moving through north Texas

The strong cold front has moved through a portion of North Texas by sunrise and brought cooler temperatures with it. Current forecasts call for lows in the mid 50s, highs in the low 70s today. Some storm damage occurred overnight as the strongest storms passed through and south of Fort Worth. There were reports of [read more...]

Looks like the NWS is confirming tornado damage in Carrollwood Village from a tornado earlier this afternoon. Usually it takes the weather service a day or two to perform damage surveys so this is extremely fast. They rated this as an eF-0 tornado which toppled pine trees and telephone poles in Carrollwood Village along Golf [read more...]

Tornado causes extensive damage east of Sarasota!

So it turns out the storm that kicked off a microburst in Pinellas Park, spun up some pretty strong low level rotation over downtown St Pete then moved south, actually produced an eF-1 Tornado just east of Sarasota! The NWS recently conducted a damage survey of a plant farm with several metal buildings and dozens [read more...]

The National Weather Service has conducted a damage survey to the multiple mobile homes who lost their roofs in Pinellas Park and concluded this was microburst damage. Straight-line winds around 60mph from the northwest to the southeast occurred near 62nd Ave N and I-275 overnight June 23 just after 11pm. Below is a brief damage [read more...]

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