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Tornado Sirens

May 252010
Texas Panhandle Storm Chase

On May 25, 2010 I performed a brief storm chase in the Texas panhandle. I was able to chase two separate supercell thunderstorms before the day ended, with one possible tornado.

Wednesday Severe Weather Summary - Tornado near Frisco!

Wow, amazing day! Tornado warned storm plowed through the area just 4 miles south of Frisco after 7pm bringing widespread high wind reports and some tornado damage to areas just west of Frisco. I took the liberty to take screen shots of the storm as it moved through the area, and draw a storm track [read more...]

All clear everyone.. this was a real close one though. The storm made a last second right turn near Lewisville and traveled 4 miles south of us into Plano. The rotation diminished a bit so chances are at the time the rotation was closest to us the storm was probably not producing a tornado, but [read more...]

Saturday's severe weather summary

Wow, well today was one of the more wild weather day’s Ive experienced! I counted a total of 4 Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and 2 Flash Flood Warnings for both Collin and Denton counties. Then there was the one Tornado Warning for extreme south east Collin county which set off the sirens here which was pretty [read more...]

The line of storms has passed our area for now.. the tornado warning just issued is for extreme south east Collin county and does not cover Frisco.Otherwise we are in the clear for now, residual lightning may occur for another 15 minutes or so. again ignore the sirens as they do not pertain to our [read more...]

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